Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When does my Order Ship?

Your Order ships within 48 hours. Most are shipped the sameday, but as some decals we carry are personalized, they take extra time to setup and print.

Q. How long does Shipping Take?

As we are in Canada, delays can and will be experience when the parcel crosses any US or Worldwide Customs Inspection. All Orders are Shipped by Airmail, but these Customs delays can make it seem like a long flight. Within Canada, arrival is within 1 week. United States Orders can expect their order within 1-3 Weeks.(Customs Delay, 3 Weeks is rare) Worldwide Orders can be expected to arrive in 1-4 Weeks(Customs in your local country delays things)

Q. How do I know when my Order Ships?

We ship within 24-48 Hours after receiving the order and will send a confirmation email to your email address registered with PayPAL.

Q. Will my decal arrive folded or creased?

Not a chance. The envelope sized orders are sent in reinforced envelopes. The Larger decals that are too big for an envelope ship in thick walled mailing tubes with hard plastic end caps. We take pride in our packaging.

Q. Why does the shipping Jump from $3.00 up to $9.00?

This is because the $3.00 orders are all the smaller decals or multiple of and lighter weight, so they ship in a reinforced envelope. the $9.00 orders are the larger decals that go in a mailing tube. The mailing tube automatically ships as Small Packet Airmail, which costs anywhere from $8.03 and up. Plus there is the $1.20 cost for the tube and 2 end caps. Not to mention handling. So $9.00 is actually quite fair. If you want to get Free Shipping, simply order more than $75.00 worth of decals, and we will cover all shipping costs.

Q. What if I don't have a PayPAL Account?

No worries. You don't need a PayPAL account to order. PayPAL is simply used as the Shopping Cart Provider to offer both Yourself and a safe and secure checkout. You can use PayPAL and not join or signup to paypal. If you are a PayPAL account holder, it simply means less typing of your info(address, Credit Card info, etc...). PayPAL is simply processing the order on our behalf.


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